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[PORTED][4.1+][2014/10/21] Xperia Z3 WALKMAN™ | The Best Clear Audio Experience

Introduction :

"The new and latest WALKMAN player from Xperia Z3 will shake up your ears, and bring you to the best music experience"
• Latest WALKMAN build 8.4.A.5.3
• New and fresh UI
• Clear audio equalizer | SoundEnhancement (clear bass and clear stereo)
• Clear audio+
• Visualizer
• Album art
• Adjust background color following album art
• Surround Sound VPT
• Dynamic normalizer
• Music control on notification
• Qualcomm bass boost (only work for device with snapdragon chipset)
• xLoud (Actived by default) can't settings
• Additional the libs, and files make a more awesome sound output

Not working on JB 4.3.x/KK 4.4.2 (currently)
• Edit Music Info
• SensMe
• Clear phase
• xLoud setting

• Rooted
• Deodexed/Odexed (Deodexed is recommended)
• Custom recovery | CWM. TWRP, PhilZ Touch, etc
• Free 40 - 50 MB of memory system ROM on your device
• Used ROM base on Jelly bean 4.1.2, 4.2.2, 4.3.x and KitKat 4.4.2 like AOSP/CM10.2/CM11/PA/AOKP/MIUI/Liquid smooth etc | Specifically for Official stock ROM, only for all device outside Xperia devices (Not for Xperia device)

-> The list of devices that have been tried and worked well (success)

• Galaxy W running CM 10.1 (JB 4.2.2), and CM 11 (KK 4.4.2) | all ROM-based JB 4.2 until KK 4.4
• Galaxy S II GT-I9100 running Paranoid Android 4, and C-ROM KitKat (4.4.2)
• Xperia Ray running CM 11 (4.4.2)
• LG G Pad 8.3 running AOKP KitKat (4.4.2)
• Nexus 7 (flo) running Mahdi ROM
• HTC Vivid running CM 11 (4.4.2)
• HTC Sensation XE running CM 11 (4.4.2)
• Galaxy Note 1/GT-N7000 running CM 10.1 (JB 4.2.2), C-ROM, RR remix 4.4.2
• Galaxy S4 using official Stock ROM (TouchWiz KK 4.4.2) : Attention - please install audio_effect.conf after install Z2 walkman
• Galaxy Note 3 using official Stock ROM (TouchWiz KK 4.4.2) : Attention - please install audio_effect.conf after install Z2 walkman
• Xperia Go use CM 11 (KK 4.4.2 : Layout not fit on MDPI device)
• Galaxy S plus use CM 11 (KK 4.4.2)
• Xperia Arc running KK 4.4.2
• Motorola defy/defy plus running SlimKat 4.4.2 build 3.6, CM11
• Nexus 5 running official KK 4.4.2 (odexed), 4.4.4
• Xperia S running Kitkat 4.4.2/4.4.4 Carbon
• Micromax A110, and Micromax A116 (Mediatek SoC) JB 4.2.1
• Lava Iris 405 running 4.2 JB, 4.1.2 JB (Mediatek SoC)
• Xperia C running custom ROM based official JB 4.2.2
• Galaxy Ace 2 running Mahdi ROM
• LG G2 running Malladus ROM | 4.4.2 Pardus 7.0 with Dorimanx kernel | other cusrom ROM
• Galaxy S4 AOSP 4.4.2 (Broodplank AOSP)
• LG L7 running PA 4.3
• Galaxy tab 3 8.0 running 4.2.2 TouchWiz ROM
• Motorola XT910 RAZR Maxx Carbon, PA, Slimkat, RR, Mokee, Cyanfox, Pacman, LS, etc with Kernel 3.0.31 | JBX 22-27
• Pantech A880S
• HTC Evo 3D LiquidSmooth KK 4.4.2
• Xperia Mini Pro running CM10.2/CM11
• HTC Explorer running KK 4.4.2
• Galaxy S3 running CM11, ArchiDroid 1.7.16 ROM (4.3)
• Galaxy Note 8 running 4.2.2
• LG E988 Optimus G Pro running MIUI V5, and F240L running KitKat 4.4.2
• Galaxy Ace plus running CM 10.2
• Sprint Galaxy S4 running Sac23's Custom TW ROM
• Xperia SP using Carbon ROM 4.4.4
• Galaxy S II running Omni ROM 4.4.4 nightly
• RAZR Maxx running carbon 4.4.4
• Motorola Moto G running 4.4.4
• Xperia Ion running CM11
• Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 running CM11
• Xperia SL running Paranoid Android
• Xperia E running CM10
• Samsung SM-G900F running Omega 9.2
• canvas 2 colors running MIUI v5
• Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 running KitKat TouchWiz.
• Xiaomi Redmi 1s running CM11 R7
• More....
• Tell me if work or not on your device

DOWNLOADs | JB 4.2+ :

1. New Xperia Z3 WALKMAN™ v1.0.b (For General User and Viper4A Users) New!

2. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.7 (For General User and Viper4A Users)

3. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.5 (For General User and Viper4A Users)

4. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.4 (For General User and Viper4A Users)

5. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.2


1. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.1b

2. Xperia Z2 WALKMAN™ v0.7 beta

ADD-ON | JB 4.2+ :

1. Fixed audio effect config on Galaxy S4/Note 3 use official touchwiz ROM

2. Fixed Visualizer for CM10.1/JB4.2.2 base

3. Audio effect.conf for Galaxy Ace 2

4. WALKMAN Visualizer for KK 4.4.2

DOWNLOADs | JB 4.1 only :

1. Xperia Z1-Z2 WALKMAN™ v1.1 for general users and for official TouchWiz ROM JB 4.1 users (Galaxy S II, Note 1, etc)

Uvinersal ADD-ON (All device) :

1. Lyrics Music Extension for WALKMAN

2. Music Widget for WALKMAN (Any Launcher)

How to Install :

• Download WALKMAN, then copy to internal SD/external SD
• Reboot into recovery
• Wipe cache and dalvik cache
• Wipe cache and dalvik cache
• Reboot system now
• Finished and enjoy


1. Q : After flash this walkman mod, just not working at all, bootloop etc, it makes me sad , why?
A : Don't cry mate, try to install this walkman on Clean/Fresh ROM at your device

2. Q : hi, how to use Viper4Android with this mod or after install this WALKMAN mod?
A : Re-install V4A driver, then disable sound enhancements via Settings menu/app/all and find the app, just disable it

3. Q : After flash this walkman, i can't play the song, just mute/no sound?
A : its all about audio_effect.conf and other system audio configuration, Most problem on samsung/Galaxy device running on official stock ROM (TouchWiz)

4. Q : Sound become problematic, and irregular voice, how to fix?
A : Please don't combine this walkman with other sound mod, but if other sound mod is suitable, it is okay

5. Q : Walkman etc force closed, why?
A : Please check memory system ROM on your device, maybe low. So all file on is doesn't enter all

6. Q : hello, try to flash this walkman, but aborted, what problem?
A : Please check recovery on your device, or maybe the file is corrupt when downloading, just re-download

7. Q : hi, when playing song on walkman, the sound output is average, how to increase ?
A : Please don't use earphones/headphones with low quality, just use a good earphones/headphones

8. Q : After flash this walkman, clear audio equalizer/soundenhancement not show/not found?
A : try to delete dsp manager.apk, MusicFX.apk on system/app, and on system/lib/soundfx, then wipe dalvik cache on recovery or titanium backup app

Bugs Reported:

- Bootlooped on Moto G using Z2 WLAKMAN v0.7 beta

- Visualizer doesn't work on some device like Nexus 5 (KK 4.4.2), HTC Sensation XE (CM11), Galaxy S4 (Official KK 4.4.2), Galaxy note 1 GT-N7000 using CM10.1 etc, using Z2 WLAKMAN v0.7 beta (fixed with Z2 WALKMAN v1.1b + add-on visualizer for KK 4.4)

- No sound on Galaxy Ace 2, S3 mini, and Galaxy S3 with average ROM using Z2 WLAKMAN v0.7 beta

- Layout is doesn't fit on MDPI device

Source : XDA

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