Tuesday, November 18, 2014

[App][4.0+] Theftie - Find my phone

Theftie: lock, locate, track, rescue data on your lost phone, stolen phone or misplaced Android, and takes thief's selfie when suspects.

A great feature of Theftie is its ability to send your data to your Google Drive in case you lost your phone.

How it works
► Prevent: detect unauthorized access to phone and immediately lock down the device, capture a theftie and send to your email.
► Catch: get thefties and locate your device in realtime. Make it easy to communicate with the person who holds the device.
► Rescue data: retrieve your texts, photos or documents from the lost device right on your Google Drive.

- Xposed:
- Google Play: Theftie 

☆ Auto-lock when an intruder attempts to enter wrong unlock code
☆ Auto-theftie (capture photo) when an intruder attempts to enter wrong unlock code
☆ Find my phone: easily locate your device on your PC with maps
☆ Lost mode: Lock devices, start tracking locations, capture photo
☆ Rescue data: upload apps/folders to your Google Drive in case you lost your device.
☆ Find phone by making it ring/vibrate
☆ Find phone using GPS location
☆ Remote control via web/SMS command
☆ Passcode protection to prevent unauthorized app changes
☆ Notification of changed SIM card or phone number
☆ No battery drain

☆ Remotely lock device
☆ Remotely wipe SD card
☆ Remotely wipe phone data
☆ Prevent app from being uninstalled
☆ Hide the app icon

Xposed dedicated features
☆ Grant WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS permission in order to toggle GPS, disable ADB, Developer mode, Unknown source apps in lost mode

Remote commands:
- Locate
- Send message
- Lock device
- Rescue data
- Dial a number
- Send SMS
- Lock
- Toggle lost mode

Full detail can be found at

Source: XDA

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