Thursday, November 27, 2014

[APP] [2.3.3+] Xender, Share and Transfer App | Cross OS transfer | Phone-PC connect

                                                   Xender, Share and Transfer App
Xender is one of the fastest and easiest sharing app on the planet, who need other app if you have the best one? Your friend using iPhone? No worries!! Xender support Cross OS Transfer !
Oh you want to transfers file from your PC? Absolutely! You can easily transfer anything without any size limitation !
Incredibly fast, Transfer speed up to 8Megabyte per second
You can literary send anything you want
User Friendly
No Wi-Fi Router required
No Bloatware (Chinese App typical)
No ADS (Updates!)

Cross OS support (Android - iOS)
One Key Phone Change, easily transfer all app and media to your new phone (Yes we need to work for the name )
*Slide* You should try this feature which can transfer pictures by sliding the picture between phones
Shake to send - send files by literary tossing the files to others
Transfer data between PC - Phone
More cool features coming soon

Download Link :

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