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[APP][2.0+] MiXplorer v4.7.3 (fully-featured file manager)

MiXplorer (Mix of Explorers) is a fast, smooth, beautiful, reliable and fully-featured file manager with a simple and intuitive user interface.
This app has no ads, is and will always remain completely free.
It supports Android 2.0+ (SDK 5)
I hope you enjoy it.

The best way indeed is to explore yourself. But here's a brief list of essential features:
Easily themable with many skins to choose from and many more to come
Tabbed browsing (open new ones with a left swipe!)
Easily create Tasks to multitask Copy, Move, ... operations
Different various View Modes and Sorting Options in each folder!
Customizable bookmarks drawer with essential file types already categorized
Advanced search functions
Export/Import all preferences and bookmarks.
Opening zip files even in network storage as fast as possible
All your cloud storage needs accessible from one single app. Choose from 17 providers + clouds which support webdav like (, OwnCloud, 4Shared,, DriveHQ, CloudMe, CloudSafe, ...).
Root access for all advanced operations
User and System app management with data backup ability for rooted devices
EncFS volumes supported for all storages
File encryption and decryption using aescrypt file format
FTP/HTTP Server built in
And many more awesome features for you to explore!

Next version
- Changed Package name to "".
- Added MP3 Tag Editor.
- Optimized icons quality.
- Fixed to delete source folder after moving it.
- Moved History inside left drawer.
- Fixed to keep urls arrangement in History list.
- Replaced the location of Servers and Add buttons.
- Added Customize Skin dialog and only two options for now.
- Added landscape dual panel (Experimental)
- Improved to encrypt password and tokens secret in database.
- Added Paste-to option for share option list.
- Fixed to not create zip64 for small zip file.
- Added Next/Previous buttons in the Properties dialog when you choose multiple files.
- Fixed streaming media files.
- Fixed and Optimized streaming.
- Made a new powerful Text Editor.
- Added customizing colors in the selected theme.
- Optimizing UI ...

Downloads :

Get MiXplorer 4.7.3
Please uninstall the versions prior to 4.7.0 before installing the last one!

Mi FileExplorer_v2.3.7.32_light_build_2012051604.apk

File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v3.1.6_light_orange_build_201303072.apk

File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v4.0.1_light_orange_build_201309291.apk

File Type: apk MiFileExplorer_v4.3.2_light_orange_build_201403032.apk

File Type: apk MiXplorer_v4.4.6_light_orange_build_201404091.apk 

File Type: apk MiXplorer_v4.5.2_light_orange_build_201405143.apk

File Type: apk MiXplorer_v4.7.3_light_orange_build_201406171.apk


MiSkin (Install & Apply)

User Contributed

MIUI v6 DarkMIUI v6 LightHolo Dark-BlueHolo Dark-RedHolo KitKatHolo LightMIUI V5Original Light-Blue


Clearly BlueClearly GreenClearly RedClearly HoloBlueClearly Pink Clearly White

Light BlackLight Green

Batman BeyondBlack-Blue SeeThru & Default SeeThruBlack-Orange & Black Orange SeeThru
Black-Green & Black-Green SeeThruSpiderman

Blue Waffle ClearBlue Waffle Black

Download and Install Every CM App with CM App Installer

Over the years, CyanogenMod has bloomed into an absolute powerhouse with its ROMs appearing on a number of fantastic devices such as the OnePlus One and the Oppo N1. Because of its popularity and wide usage, it isn’t very surprising that many people have grown accustomed to and have developed a preference for the custom apps that they’ve packaged into their ROMs. Unfortunately, if you own a phone that is running another ROM, or does not ship with CyanogenMod, the only way that you can use these custom CM apps is to manually download and install them yourself.

With this said, CM App Installer is an app that makes this process an absolute breeze. Developed by XDA Forum Member TheMentalGoose, the app will pull the most updated versions of CM apps and try to install them into your device’s system. The app will try to do this via either a non-rooted or rooted method, however it is recommended that you try the non-rooted method first. This is because the rooted method was designed to be only a very last resort as it may possibly cause errors. Furthermore, CM App Installer saves you the hassle of backing up any CM apps you may currently have installed as it does this automatically.

So, if you’ve always had a soft spot for CM apps, head over to the CM App Installer application thread for more information.

[PORT APP][4.1+] Xperia Z2 Smart Social Camera for All Android Devices

XPERIA Z2 SMART SOCIAL CAMERA for All Android Devices Running 4.1+


"The new and latest App from Sony Xperia Z2 will make your Eyes mad!, and bring you to the best Photography"

Watch DEMO of MOD Click here


• Latest Xperia Smart Social Camera with ADD-ONS!
• AR Effect
• AR Effect for Line
• Motionshot
• Motiongraph
• Background Defocus
• Wikitude Places
• Vine

Not working (currently)
• Creative Effects
• Info Eye
• Timeshift Burst


• Rooted
• Deodexed/Odexed (Deodexed is recommended)
• Custom recovery | CWM. TWRP, PhilZ Touch, etc
• Free 80 - 120 MB of memory system ROM on your device
• Used ROM base on Jelly bean 4.1.2, 4.2.2, 4.3.x and KitKat 4.4.2 like AOSP/CM10.2/CM11/PA/AOKP/MIUI/Liquid smooth etc | Specifically for Official stock ROM, only for all device outside Xperia devices (Not for Xperia device)


Download Link : Xperia Z2 Smart Social Camera

• Download, then copy to internal SD/external SD
• Reboot into recovery
• Wipe cache and dalvik cache
• Flash Smart Social Camera
• Wipe cache and dalvik cache
• Reboot system now
• Finished and enjoy !

Monday, December 15, 2014

How to Optimize your Photos for facebook

Want to retain the quality of images to its maximum while uploading on Facebook? Facebook’s compression system does not have the ability to resize the image and maintain their detail and sharpness,which can leave us quite frustrated due to the lost originality of the image,Hence resizing the images manually before uploading them can get us a more pleasing result.

To do this:-

Open the image to be uploaded with Photoshop(Latest version) and resize the longest side to make it 960 Pixels wide,’Bicubic shaper’ can be used to resize the image in order to get the best possible sharpness while resizing an image,
The photo can be further sharpened further by using a filter option ‘Unsharp mask’,if the image has various layers ,flatten it creating a new top layer(Shift+Alt+E+Cmd),make the setting of filter with radius 2.0 and threshold 0 level,
Finally save thew optimized image to get maximum quality and small size,save for web would be a very good option,To save for web just press (Alt+Ctrl+Shift+S),Set 100% For JPEG setting and 100% for quality.
Choosing high resolution in Facebook’s new uploader will get you better results,and make sure you have converted Adobe RGB profile to sRGB profile.
You can also use this free Facebook photo optimizer script for Photoshop ,that lets you optimize image for best look on Facebook.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Mi In-ear Headphone : Extremely Good and Surprisingly Inexpensive

Contents in the box:

1 Headset
3 extra Headset cushions
1 Headset holding clip
1 Headset Winder

Build Quality

The packaging is very nice and it is good to see companies taking a step in this direction

The build quality is top notch with a gold and brown color scheme

The kevlar  braiding is a nice touch and it prevents the wire from getting tangled a lot

The Metallic finish for the microphone causes disturbances easily if grazed during calls

3 sizes of ear buds are included and they're quite comfortable

Sound Quality

The sound signature is pleasant and fun sounding
The Bass and treble are well extended... With bass notes sounding clear and articulate...

There is a lot of detail in the music and you'll definitely hear nuances in the music which you would have not heard in other earphones at this price point... The earphones have been tuned really well... and the bass is neither overpowering or weak....

The treble is not harsh and doesnt hurt your ear during long sessions.. Mids are slightly recessed but its something that didnt bother me much...

It has noise isolation is good, though the earphones leak some sound due there being small opening in the back of the housing...

Most audio equipment( good ones) need a burn in period. That doesn't mean you take a burn-in tool and burn it for a full day or longer. That would definitely damage the earphones drivers as they are delicate in the beginning. burn it for ~4 hours (You could use the tekfusion burn in tool) and after some 1 hour listen to some songs from various genres ( its necessary).

The 3 eartips provided have varying properties...

small one: heavy bass, low treble
medium one: balanced sound
large one: low bass, high on treble.

These earphones give you the feel of a premium headset. Even though they cost 799, they sound like earphones 3-4x their price. To get the best results, first burn them for 10-12 hours at 50-75% volume, then their soundstage will open up tremendously and they will sound amazing.

I love its button controls too....

In music player mode:

Center button:
single click - play / pause
double click - next song
triple click - previous song
up button - volume up
down button - volume down

Incoming call
Center button:
single click - attend / end
click twice - mute / unmute
click and hold - decline
up button - volume up
down button - volume down

When it is not in music or call mode, you can click and hold the center button to open google now voice control.



Pressing the correct button is difficult since the center button and the other two buttons are on the opposite sides. While we try to press the center button, we accidentally press some other buttons. I hope this will come by practice.

Buy : Mi Piston

Monday, December 1, 2014

How to unlist your mobile number from true caller database

Unlist your mobile number from truecaller,yes you can do that

Just got  this link

and fill up the unlist form

enter your number and captcha

and submit

note:-include country code while entering number !