Tuesday, November 18, 2014

How To Easily Backup/Restore ROM using TWRP

Basically after rooting any android device, it is always a recommendation flashing a custom recovery to
immediately create a backup of your phone or tablet's currently working ROM, from there you will be
choosing only one custom recovery to replace your device's stock recovery. On that case, you'll be
choosing either of the two mostly-used custom recoveries naming, the popular ClockworkMod (CWM)
recovery and Team Win Recovery Project (TWRP).

Why use TWRP?

TWRP is simply a custom recovery created to make tasks, installation of ROM and flashing mods easier
and more convenient. TWRP includes backup and restore, partitioning, and all other advance features
that the native stock recovery doesn't have.

Both CWM and TWRP are essentially the same when it comes to functionality however, TWRP has an
advantage from its touch supported interface from which any user can use it easily (newbie friendly).
So whenever TWRP is compatible with your device, get it to your device as soon and as early as

How to easily backup ROM using TWRP on any Android:

Getting a ROM backup from TWRP, also known as nadroid backup through TWRP, is just as easier as
from what you have thought of. Below are the steps, so better familiarize it.


Root Access - Your device must have root access in order to access and backup the whole

TWRP already installed - Of course you must have TWRP recovery in your android device. But it is not compatible with all Android phones. If your device is not supported, get a port or request from a developer for a TWRP which is compatible with your device.

Free storage space - You must have free storage space for your device to store the backup. The
size depends on your ROM size so better have a bigger free storage space.

At least 70% battery power - To make sure the device won't shutdown and interrupt the


1. Reboot your android device into TWRP recovery mode. You can do it by using apps like Quickboot or using correct keys combinations for your phone.

2. Once in TWRP already, choose Backup.

3. Mark Boot, Data and System. You only need that 3 partitions to be safer.

4. Optional, you can rename or choose what storage the backup will be stored but just make sure you
have enough storage space.

5. When all are set, select Backup to start backing up the ROM.

6. Once done, select Reboot System to reboot your device normally. You can check and copy the
backup folder to somewhere safer (like making a copy on your computer).

Restoring the ROM backup:


1. Reboot your phone into TWRP recovery mode.

2. Once in TWRP already, choose Restore.

3. Find and select the Backup folder you made from TWRP previously (must be TWRP flashable backup)

4. Once done, Reboot the system and you are back from the previous ROM you had.

It is very easy to Backup and Restore ROM using TWRP recovery. Hope you will like this post.

Have a Smiling Day :)

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