Monday, November 17, 2014

Google Play store errors and their solution

Enlisting some of the google play store errors ,you might have faced or might face,along with there solution
1)Error code 491- Can’t download or error while updating an application.
Soln:-Remove current google account from Playstore and reboot the phone,If problem still exists, goto  settings > apps > Playstore and clear data

2)Error code 498-Can’t download the app or download interrupted
Soln:-Uninstall some of the apps,and clear the app cache

3)Error code 413-Can’t download any app nor update it
Soln:-Clear data of google services & playstore and force stop them ,then try to download,Make sure you haven’t set any proxies.

4)Error code 498-Downloading failed and request is forbidden due to two google accounts
Soln:-Clear proxy and cache ,Remove all google accounts and add a New one freshly

5)Error code 492-The application can be downloaded but fails to install
Soln:-goto play store from app setting and clear data along with force stop ,If this doesn’t works clear dalvik cache from phone’s custom recovery

6)Error code 919-The app can be downloaded but not opened
Soln:-Clear Memory from your phone ,Remove images ,videos and Music

7)Error code 927-The app can’t be downloaded because playstore is out dated
Soln:-Wait till your Playstore gets updated

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